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"Everything about this gift is intensely special. It is a gift that makes it possible for young women who are the first in their families to go to college to receive a baccalaureate degree. It is a gift that puts into practice a belief that I share with my Spelman sisters who first arrived on Spelman's campus when I did. Namely, that doing for others is just the rent you pay for your room on earth."
                                                                     -  Johnnetta B. Cole




Circle of Dreamers

Class of 1991
Andrea Ivory

April Perry

Bernice Green

Che D. Watkins

Cynthia Harris Bowman

Dionne Ferguson

Donna Jackson Breedlove

Elizabeth Espy

Jill Ashton-Hughes

Johnnette Stubbs

Kara Olidge

Kathryn Dungy, Ph.D.

Kimberly Geddings Arrindell

Kimberly Woods-Weaver

Dr. Kirsten Charles Lollis

Leah Parks Upshaw

Marcia Howard

Michelle Hodgkin, J.D.

Michelle Temple Washington

Monique Fountain-Hanna

Rae Greer

Rita Sinkfield Belin, Esq.

Shawna Green Myles

Dr. Sherri Williams Napper

Stephanie Jackson Evans

Stephanie Livingston

Susan Ellis

Tara Spicer

Tonya Holmes

Tracey Summers

V. Leah Johnson, M.D.

Class of 1992

Carol Jones

Cecelia Dorene Armstrong

Erica S. Stevens, Ph.D.

Inger Jackson Garnett

Janet Gipson

Juvonda Hodge

Melanie White
Rosell Jenkins

Tiffany Green Tate, M.D.

Vanessa Kaye Mims

Class of 1993

Dr. Andrea Barnwell Brownlee


Class of 1994

Candace N. Rodriquez, Esq.

Darlene Stegall

Dr. Lynelle R. Reavis

Dr. Rebecca Paschal-Young, PhD

Class of 1995

Crystal W. Toussant

Mariama Lyotta Richards

Class of 1996

Blessed Chuksorji-Keefe

Candice M. Jenkins, Ph.D.

Cassandra Phillips Carter
Christal Jackson

Evelyn V. Williams Johnson

Ieshia Blakely

Kenya Thacker Pierre, Esq.

Kristen Delores Folsom

La Shonda Fulmore Oglesbee

Raynia L. Jacobs

Schnavia Smith Hatcher, Ph.D.

Tasha Baloney Penny

Tiffany Pointer Jenkins

Class of 1997
Alison A. Cross

Carrie L. Ellis

Dr. Kanika Bell

Kimberly Williams

Dr. Maia McCuiston

 Dr. Stormee Williams

Class of 1998

Andrea Hence Evans, Esq.

Dr. Christy Mountain-Bonner, M.D.

Dr. Dafina Good, MD
Heather Nicole McCowan

Ivy V. Jack

Dr. Kamela Heyward-Rotimi, Ph.D.

Kia Nicole Scipio

Kisha Kai Bird Douo

Dr. Christy Mountain-Bonner

Dr. Monica Farmer Cox

Nayo Neema Jones

Sharon Faulk Jean-Pierre

Tanya Wynn

Class of 1999

Deidre Smith

Heather J. McCollum

India Phipps Epps

Keeana Serene Saxon

Nicole Lawson Jenkins

Rasheeda Creighton

Class of 2000

Phylicia Fant

Class of 2002

Kiesha Garrison

Kisha J. Young-Collier


Faculty & Friends

A. Lynn Bolles

Alondra Nelson

Carla S. Freeman

Dr. Daina Ramey Berry

Deborah Santana

Dr. Glenda D. Price

Jacqueline Woodson

Jennifer Fremlin & Friends

Marcie Cleary

Min J. Lee

Dr. Nell I. Painter

Robert D. Flanigan, Jr.

Valerie Rockefeller

Walter Jospin



Kayla Forbes C'2024

NAASC Chapters

Baton Rouge Chapter

Class of 1963

Marilyn Hoytt

Class of 1966

Jessie Jackson

Class of 1968

Dr. Freddye L. Hill

Juanita Woodward Graham

Dr. Johnetta Cross Brazzell

Class of 1971

Bernadette Weston Hartfield


Class of 1977

Mary Burney Bolling


Class of 1978

Maureen Angela Lewis

Class of 1980

Delia  Adams

Class of 1984

Christel Jackson